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The watercolor style is very special. There are color gradients, a non-opaque style. The watercolour style harmonizes smoothly with the colors of the animal's fur. It gives you the opportunity to blend the background with your pet and still make it the focal point in a realistic representation. If you like harmonizing traditional styles that fit in a more neutral home environment, then you'll love our watercolor pawtraits.


Our graffiti pawtraits bring street art into your living room. The graffiti style, an art form that stands out from many other forms of mainstream art in its technique and motivation. With a unique, creative and almost rebellious representation. As if you have immortalized your favourite animal directly on the wall of the room, just as graffiti artists are known to do with ingeniously vivid depictions. Perfect for a modern living style where walls tend to be bare, monochrome or pure stone.


The touch of gold in a modern and super stylish way. Put your pet in the limelight and use the modernity of black or white backgrounds in combination with the timeless value of gold. Combine the fur with elegant gold passages, as if the golden value of your pet shines from the inside out. Especially ingenious in a modern furnished environment with "black and white". Here, this picture will create an artistic contrast on the wall.


Our oil pawtraits are characterized by their simple presentation, which puts the subject of the picture, your pet, in the center of attention. The background is only designed with a slight color gradient, which gives the pawtrait and your four-legged friend a lively look.